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Mission to Uganda
Launch Celebration

Please Join Hosts
Justin & Kelly Brown and Ryan & Jenny Lewellyn

March 25, 2019
Stonegate OKC | 2525 NW 112th

5:30pm Cocktails
6:00 - 8:00pm Heavy Hors d'oeuvres and Program
Attire: Business Casual

You are invited to co-host this special event as we send off Fight for the Forgotten cofounder Justin Wren and crew to embark on an incredible mission to bring land, water, food, and a sustainable future to the Batwa Pygmies.

We will provide an exciting introduction to the Fight For The Forgotten mission expansion to Uganda as well as a round table discussion with Brady Nasfell of Positive Image Video and producer of an upcoming Fight For The Forgotten documentary, Garrett McManus of Cash App and funder of the documentary, and Justin Wren, co-founder and president of Fight For The Forgotten.


A Forgotten People

The Batwa Pygmies in southwestern Uganda are among the most bullied people in the world. After co-existing with the rainforest as hunter-gatherers and "Keepers of the Forest" for more than 60,000 years, the Pygmies are now being systematically evicted from their ancestral home.

With no compensation for their losses or tools to help them adapt to modern society, they have been left landless, homeless, hopeless, and on the verge of literal extinction as a people.

Our Fight

Justin Wren and Fight for the Forgotten are partnering with in-country Ugandan businesses and NGOs to provide the Batwa Pygmies with land, water, resources, and education to enable them to build their own sustainable future.


Please consider hosting one of just eight tables at this exclusive, intimate event and inviting others to be inspired by our fight.

Together we can empower this lifesaving mission.

Table Sponsorship: $1,000
Table Size: 8 individuals

Guests will have an opportunity to donate to our mission.

To indicate your sponsorship, kindly RSVP to Michelle Santos no later than March 11, 2019.

(405) 237-8623

The event will be filmed in conjunction with a documentary film being produced by
Positive Image Video.
Justin Wren Foundation dba Fight for the Forgotten is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.