Clean Water Empowers Education in Tambarare, Tanzania


Clean Water Empowers Education in Tambarare, Tanzania


In the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the Hai District of northeastern Tanzania, the children of Tambarare village wake each morning with nowhere to go to school. For a time, many attempted to walk the almost nine-mile round trip to the nearest secondary school in Boma Town. But one-by-one, they’ve stopped attending.


In this community of 3,000 people and more than 20,000 livestock, there is no permanent source of clean, safe water. So rather than walk to school, many of these children walk long distances each day to fetch water instead. The effect of this situation on their education, their individual futures, and the greater economy is difficult to fathom.

The government has intervened and, with the help of village leadership, is currently constructing a new school that will serve up to 200 students. But without a source of clean water, the school cannot be completed, much less expanded to serve the full student population.

That’s why Fight for the Forgotten is so excited to partner with the Chris Long Foundation (Waterboys) and WorldServe to complete a deep, solar-powered water well to serve not just the school, but the entire community. The high-capacity pumping system will draw from a large underground aquifer and will include a large tank, similar to a small water tower, to accommodate storage and adequate water pressure for the community’s needs.

Site surveys and community mobilization efforts are currently underway, the large tank is onsite, and thanks to our amazing supporters and in-country partners, the water crisis in Tambarare will soon be over – forever.